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Terry Banderas

Terry Banderas

Lincoln, CA


After retiring in 2002, I returned to northern California after living and working in the San Diego area for nearly 30 years. I was born in Auburn, California, and now live in Lincoln. So really, I have returned to the area I grew up knowing.

Upon retiring, I re-energized my drawing and painting interests that remained dormant for many years. I now have time to draw and paint, teach art and painting and do all the other things people do once they retire. While I am an amateur painter, learning techniques of drawing and painting is very motivating and as I improve in my artwork, I find it very satisfying. I feel the true measure of the level of my art is when someone actually puts out money to purchase my art. That is a nice feeling.

I have joined Fine Art America to hopefully broaden the scope and make visible my art to many more people who may be interested in purchasing.


Observation Car by Terry Banderas


Sacramento Caboose by Terry Banderas


Living High by Terry Banderas


Old Auburn Hotel by Terry Banderas


Nice Kitty by Terry Banderas


Tsuda Grocery by Terry Banderas


Old Auburn Firehouse by Terry Banderas


Tiger Grouper by Terry Banderas


Classic Woody by Terry Banderas


Chili Hills Mail Boxes by Terry Banderas


Southwest Homes by Terry Banderas


Vermont Red by Terry Banderas


Meadow At Half Dome by Terry Banderas


Golden Trees by Terry Banderas